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Water Pollution

                           Water Pollution

Comprising over 70% of Earth's surface, water is the most Precious and useful Natural resource that exists on the Earth. Many causes of Water pollution includes sewage and fertilizers contain Nutrients like Nitrate and Phosphates. When Toxic substances enter into the Oceans,lakes and rivers, they get dissolved into the water. This results in the pollution of water, thereby affecting the quality of the water.The sewage and industrial waste from the city is discharged into the rivers , thereby causing water pollution.


One kind of Water pollution is through Domestic sewage. Domestic sewage refers to the waste water that is discharged from households, which contains dissolved impurities.

One of the factor is that people dump their garbage into rivers,seas and lakes ,thus making the pollutants to rested into water bodies.Some of house holds substances contains harmful chemicals are also get dissolved into the water.

Waste from Industrial region also contributes to water pollution. Industrial waste contain chemical substances which are harmful for health are also released into the water bodies.

Effects of Water pollution :-

Polluted water is not only harmful to the Humans, but also to Animals,Birds and Aquatic animals (like fish). 

Polluted water is not suitable for Drinking, Agriculture and Industry.

It is a Hazard to Human Health.

Solutions to reduce Water pollution :-

1. Stop deforestation to soak up the rain water.

2.Conserve Water.

3.Use less plastic covers and plastic products and do not litter.

4.Improve the sewage treatment system to stop the leaks in the pipes.

5.Prevent Emissions of Industrial region.

6. Prevent Oil spills into the Oceans and Seas.

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