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Air Pollution

 Air Pollution

Air is the ocean we breathe. Air supplies us with oxygen which is essential for our body.Air is 99% oxygen,water vapor and inert gases.Human activities releases substances into the Air which can cause problems to Humans, Animals ans Plants.Some of the Effects of Air pollution are Acid Rain, Green House Effect and Ozone Holes.The particles released into the Air by burning Fuel for Energy also causes Air pollution. Another factor is because of release of gases like sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and chemical vapors, they go into the atmosphere and performs chemical reactions to form Acid Rain. Considering the pollution at our homes, smoking and cooking also take part in Air Pollution.  

Effects of Air Pollution :-

The sources of Air pollution are both Natural based and Human based. Humans are producing increasing amount of pollution time to time and they have major role in releasing the large amount of pollutants into the Air.Different groups of individuals are affected by Air pollution in different ways. Young children's and elderly people often suffer more from the effects of Air pollution. Peoples with Health problems such as Asthma , Heart and Lung disease suffers more when Air is polluted. Minor effects of Air pollution can be irritation to eyes,nose and throat and also allergic reactions.Major problems of Air pollution can be Lung cancer, Heart disease and damage to Liver,Kidneys and Brain. Continuous exposure to Air pollution effects the Lungs.

 Some of the tips to reduce Air Pollution :-

1.Restrict pollution growth.

2.Improve Energy efficiency.

3.Reduce waste.

4.Use less Energy.

5.Switch to Non-polluting renewable forms of Energy production.

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