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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Global Warming

Global Warming :- The World is facing a serious issue called "Global Warming".


Global Warming is when the Earth's temperature rises up. It happens when gasses like carbon dioxide, water vapor,nitrous oxide , etc trap heat from the Sun in the Earth's atmosphere , which increases the Earth's temperature.  This issue is dangerous for Human beings, Animals and Plants. Some cannot take the change , and hopefully they cannot survive.

Green House Effect :- The Green House Effect is when the temperature rises because the Sun's heat and light is trapped in the Earth's atmosphere.

Global Warming and it's Effects to the Environment :-

   Many parts of the World are effected by Global Warming , Global Warming rises the sea-level and when the sea-level rises. Oceans water are getting warmed up (heated up).The forests are getting destroyed because of Global Warming . The Global Warming is linked to Acid rain. The Acid rain destroys everything that touches it. Because of earth getting heated up , some trees and leaves in the forests may become dry , that they can catch fire.

Global Warming is also linked to Electrical Pollution :-

Fossil fuels are burned to generate Electricity , they are made up of dead plants and animals. Oil and Petroleum are the examples of Fossil fuels . When Fossil fuels are burned , they liberate many chemicals into the air , some among them are called green house gasses.

Ozone :-  Ozone is produced when other pollutant chemicals combine , it is the element of smog (it is the type of air pollutant) . It causes many health issues that deals with lungs.It damages the plants and limit the sight. It causes many property damage.

                  Some of the Solution to Reduce Global Warming :-

1. Set limits on Global Warming Pollution . Plant trees as much as possible, because  trees absorb Carbon dioxide.

2. Build green Homes and Buildings.

3. Invest in Green jobs and clean energy.

4. Drive smarter Vehicles.

5. Build better Communities and Transportation.

6. use compact fluorescent light bulb instead of using regular incandescent light bulb. Because compact fluorescent light bulb uses 60% less energy than the regular incandescent light bulb. 

7. Protect and conserve forest , because forest play a critical role in Global Warming. They store carbon , when forest are burned or cut down the stored carbon is released into the atmosphere which leads to Deforestation. 

8. Drive carefully and don't waste Fuel. Turn off the engine when the vehicle is motionless , by this you can reduce carbon dioxide.

9. Eat fresh foods instead of frozen foods, because frozen foods uses ten times more energy to produce. 

10. Reduce waste by using reusable bag or plastic cover , instead of using disposable one , because it saves energy.Because waste releases carbon dioxide and methane gases into the atmosphere , it can pollute the air , water and soil.

Try possible ways on your own to Make the Environment Green and Healthy and bring awareness among peoples about this Issue.

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